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  1. Why choose MI Kids as your child’s first school?

At MI Kids, we understand that the search for your child’s first school can be filled with anxiety and speculation. We understand that the most important thing is that the child feels safe, secure and loved. If the child is happy only then will he learn and develop to the fullest. We don’t just assure parents instead we focus on the child’s overall well-being.

  1. What is the academic approach adopted at MI Kids?

At MI Kids we use the Theory of Multiple Intelligence (MI). We believe that there is not one thing called intelligence, but rather several different types of intelligence. We identify the MIs in which a child shows particular talents and provide opportunities to excel in them. At the same time, we advocate patient nurturing of the MIs at which the child may need more time and practice.

  1. How is the admission process at MI Kids different than other pre-schools?

MI KIDS admission process is simple and transparent. It works on the belief that a personal interaction between parents / authorized guardians, the prospective student and the school’s authorized representatives is of far greater value than any conventional admission test.

  1. When would be the right time to apply for MI Kids?

The MI Kids is programmed into three different levels, Pre - Fundamental, Basic - fundamental and Advanced – Fundamental. The right time to apply would be in the month of November.

  1. What would be the appropriate age to join MI Kids?

The appropriate age to get your child admitted to MI Kids would be 2 years to 2.5 years of age.

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