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We use the theory of Multiple Intelligences as a curriculum framework. The theory of Multiple Intelligences, pioneered by leading developmental psychologist and Harvard Professor Howard Gardner proposes that there in not one thing called intelligence, but rather several different types of intelligence that work together (or, sometimes, play together) since each person’s overall intellectual development and structure is unique. Using this theory, we have designed our approach to teaching and our curriculum to "build" these intelligences innate in your children.

Every child has aptitude in all the 8 Multiple Intelligences but the degree of competence in each area varies. Gardner’s theory encourages to ask "How is my child smart?" rather than "How smart is my child?" We identify the MIs in which a child shows particular talents and provide opportunities to excel in them. At the same time, we advocate patient nurturing of the MIs at which the child may need more time and practice.

Word Smart
Developing oral and written language skills and the appreciation of words and vocabulary through reading, writing and storytelling

Math Smart
Sharpening logical thinking and the ability to calculate, quantify, carry out mathematical operations, recognize patterns and numbers.

Music Smart
Sharpening the ability to recognize, create, reproduce, and reflect on music through rhythm, singing and making music.

Spatial Smart 
Developing creative-aesthetic skills of visualization, building, drawing and design

Body Smart
Building exceptional control over one’s bodily expression through movement and physical activity

People Smart
Developing effective person-to-person communication, sensitivity to others, qualities of leadership and the ability to work together in groups.

Intrapersonal Smart
Creating better awareness of the inner world of the self and getting in touch with one’s emotions, values, beliefs and thoughts.

Nature Smart
Building a keen appreciation and understanding of the natural environment and living things.