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Pre Fundamentals |Basic Fundamentals| Advanced Fundamentals

Basic Fundamentals
Age Group: 3 .6 years – 4.6 years

Children from Pre Fundamentals graduate to Advance Fundamentals. Advancement in language allows the child to express its feelings and wishes with relative clarity. Here they mainly learn to read meaningful discourses and write letters of the alphabet. The sense of discovery and remembering the findings are perfected at this level.

Specific Features of this Programme:
• Develop skill to look at and interpret details in objects, pictures, symbols and signs
• Explore books and learn to make own choices
• Recognize, read letter symbols and write letters of the alphabet
• Recognize number symbols and their values
• Develop ability to count measure and record the findings through simple recording
• Acquire basic science concepts such as measurement, weighing, solubility etc
• Recognize and respond to elements of art (colour, line, composition, shape, texture
   and pattern)
• Recognize and respond to elements of music and dance
• Identify simple musical instruments