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Admissions Process | Admission Kit

Admissions Process

MI KIDS admission process is simple and transparent. It works on the belief that a personal interaction between parents / authorized guardians, the prospective student and the school’s authorized representatives is of far greater value than any conventional admission test. The process is aimed at giving us an insight into the type of educational approach and environment you believe would be appropriate for your child to maximise his/her potential, while giving us a glimpse of the child's strengths, learning needs and potential.

The following are the steps in the admission process for Parents/ Authorized guardians of the child:

Browse the website to learn about the school's philosophy, approach and offering. If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment to meet us, please contact us or mail us on [email protected], you may also use of the online enquiry on the website.

Application Form can be purchased from the school office. Alternatively one can download the Application Kit from the school website, and pay the requisite fee towards the admissions kit at the time of submission of the completed application form.

Submit the completed Application Forms along with:
a) Birth Certificate from the Municipal Corporation / Civic Authorities
b) A copy of the latest progress report certified by the school in which the student last
    studied (if applicable)
c) 2 individual passport size colour photographs of the student and parents to be
d) Transfer Certificate / Migration Certificate
e) Wellness Record duly signed by the physician